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Creating beautiful product photography doesn’t have to be complicated. This comprehensive course will teach you all you need to shoot products like a pro, using just one light. I’ll show you how to do less with more, so you don’t need a big team or a bunch of gear to create campaign-ready images. You’ll unlock the fundamentals of lighting, learn how to work with strobe and constant lights, follow full walkthroughs of six different lighting setups, and come away with the skills, knowledge and confidence to bring your own creative concepts to life.


why learn with me

I’m a passionate educator dedicated to helping you create the portfolio of your dreams. I love sharing my knowledge through my popular YouTube channel and for clients like Adobe and Capture One, driven by a desire to help creatives like you build your confidence and level up your skills. With more than ten years’ experience working with commercial and editorial brands who demand the very best, I know how overwhelming product photography can feel. That’s why I’m here to simplify everything and teach you all you need to create stunning campaign-ready images. Your creative journey starts here!


Save Time
and Money

By simplifying the process of product photography, you can spend time on what really matters, creative concepts lit beautifully. Forget big studios full of gear, and find out how to work with limited space and equipment to create stunning still life imagery.

Gain Clarity
and Confidence

Learn how to come up with unique creative concepts, and use the fundamentals of lighting to bring them to life. Boost your confidence by joining a community of fellow learners to get ongoing support, advice and answers to your questions.

Win Clients
and Dream Big

Get inspired, hone your craft and create campaign-ready images. If you want to create your dream portfolio, win over clients or simply produce work you’re proud of, this course is the first step on your creative journey.

what you’ll learn

Studio essentials
Working in small spaces
Working with limited equipment
Camera settings for product photography
Inverse Square Law
Law of Reflection
Quality of Light
Manipulating and modifying light

Working with Constant Lights
Working with Strobe Lights
Creating sunlight in the studio
Turning one light into many
Working with backlighting
Using gels
Working with water
Modifying light with mirrors

course images


One Light Product Photography by Zoë Noble Education
Welcome to One Light Product Photography.
One Light Product Photography
Planning and Research
Planning is fundamental for photographers, and this framework for researching a brand, its products and market will set you up for success.
One Light Product Photography
Creating Concepts and Moodboards
Concept creation made easy, with prompts for sparking inspiration, and tips and tools for making moodboards that will guide your work on set.
One Light Product Photography
I’ll run through all the essential equipment you need for shooting products like a pro.
One Light Product Photography
Camera Settings
Check your camera is set up properly, with this comprehensive explanation of everything from camera settings, through to aperture, white balance and ISO.
One Light Product Photography
Your introduction to the fundamentals of lighting. Learn about quality of light, the law of reflection, the inverse square law, and how to apply these principles to your product photography.
One Light Product Photography
Setup 1: Light and Shadow
In this first setup, I’ll show you how to produce dynamic shadows that can be used as a creative element in your images. You’ll learn how to block and reflect light to bring out the best in your products.
One Light Product Photography
Setup 2: Fake Window Light
Natural light can be stunning, but it’s unpredictable. In this lesson I’ll give you the tools and knowledge to create your own sun in the studio! You’ll learn how to create beautiful light patterns that mimic daylight perfectly and give your images that ”wow” factor.
One Light Product Photography
Setup 3: Backlight
Learn how to create clean, dramatic images with this backlight setup. I’ll show you why diffusion material is my go-to modifier when it comes to creating beautiful gradients of light for product photography.
One Light Product Photography
Setup 4: Gels
In this lesson, you’ll work with gels and reflected light to produce striking, graphic images. You’ll find out why the Law of Reflection is fundamental to product photography and how you can use it to turn a black sheet of perspex into any colour you like!
One Light Product Photography
Setup 5: Water
Make waves with this one light setup. You’ll learn how to capture the magic of moving water, bring out details in reflective surfaces, and create truly unique product images.
One Light Product Photography
Setup 6: Mirrors
Bringing together everything you’ve learned so far, this final setup demonstrates the full power of a one-light setup. Along with gels and water, I’ll show you how to use mirrors to turn one light into many. Let’s get creative!
One Light Product Photography